E-Commerce Management

Our E-Commerce Management Program allows you to take your business to the next level without hiring more staff and diverting your core staff's focus to web development. Our team will work as a part of your IT staff and marketing/sales force to offer you personalized support and success. Starting at only $500/month, our program includes:

Website Design

Bottom line: We want to make you money. We specialize in professional websites that are intuitive to navigate and visually interesting, but most importantly offer a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Our design style is contemporary and clean, and we take pride in the work we do. Please visit some of our clients' sites and see the variety of web design that we offer. Visit our Gallery.

Online Catalog

We have partnered with Interspire to give you the best online catalog available on the market today -- We've tried others, but Interspire gets results. This state-of-the-art software can be used as a shopping cart or just as an online catalog for wholesale orders. It is the best from a customer's shopping experience and a company's order fulfillment experience. See an overview of shopping cart Features.

Web Marketing

The goal is to make you money, and that means customers. In order to drive customers to your site, we include all of the best practices of Search Engine Optimization. We also will establish your company's Google profile, upload products to Google shopping, and configure RSS feeds and sitemap files.

Cart Configuration

Your employees are very knowledgeable about your products, but if they are not web developers they are probably not best equipped to manage your money-maker. We have extensive experience configuring online shopping carts and can customize the software to fit your business' needs. We make sure that your site has the proper encryption for payment transactions through a number of reputable processors. We also configure shipping charges, tax calculations, and other important aspects of the checkout process.

Server and Database Management

You can use our server space with our Hosting service or we can build the site on your company's server. Either way, we will configure the server and database for optimal performance. We capture regular periodic backups of our websites so that we can restore files if necessary. Also, as the shopping cart software improves with bug-fix releases, we will handle your upgrades and file modifications.

Monthly Reports

Each month you will receive a traffic report so that you can see how your website is doing. We will work with you to give you all the information you need for a successful business -- where your customers are located, how they arrived at your site, what they purchased, etc. We will work with your team to give you clear data so that we can grow your business together.

Add-On Service Integration

We have earned your trust, so turn to us for other online services that can grow your business. For an additional fee, we can integrate your website with other features, such as E-Mail Marketing. Send an email blast to your clients for a seasonal promotion, or let us develop emails that automatically follow up with customers to enhance your customer service and keep customers returning to your site again and again.

Also, take advantage of our staff photographer to capture crystal-clear images of your products. Specially optimized for web viewing, your images will enhance your site's visual appeal, but also result in higher sales. Our Product Photography program saves you time and money by using our high-end photography equipment and studio. Also, we will upload new images to your site and make sure that your products look their best.

Your shopping cart can also be integrated with a number of marketing promotions as part of our Search Engine Marketing program. This feature will drive more business to your site through sponsored (pay-per-click) ads and external links.

Finally, rely on our Hosting program to keep your website online and running smoothly. For only $150/year, you will receive file space, bandwidth, FTP access, and up to 10 personalized email accounts for you and your employees.