Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is an additional service that we offer. Combined with search engine optimization (SEO), SEM requires on-going monitoring and analysis of site keywords, landing pages, magnet phrases, and backlinks. Our SEM Program includes:

  • Customized meta tags to maximize search engine performance
  • Registration with all major search engines
  • Encoded images with keyword-rich text
  • Unique page titles, file names, and subject headings
  • Robot files to invite search robots
  • Sitemap file to categorize search engine robot queries
  • Index links to increase web traffic
  • Sponsored campaigns featured on major search engines and/or social media sites
  • Multivariate testing of ads and landing pages
  • Backlinks and external links from other sites

By choosing strategic pay-per-click (website) and cost-per-click (search engine) opportunities, you can dramatically increase traffic to your website. RRWD can take you a step further with social media marketing. Launching campaings on social media websites, such as Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and others, provides a way to target prospective customers, gain exposure for your products, increase site traffic, and generate sales.

Our team will smartly manage your campaigns to increase your click-through rates and maximize your return on investment.