Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the ability to increase your ranking in organic searches. In other words, it is having your business appear near the top of the list when a client types in one of your keywords in a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

SEO comprises all of the marketing strategies that are built into your website, including site keywords, landing pages, and magnet phrases. Unlike search engine marketing (SEM), which includes buying featured links on search engines and creating backlinks from other sites, SEO is a part of the basic make up of your own site. You want a web developer who understands the best practices of setting up a website to generate the most traffic possible.

RRWD integrates SEO strategies into every site that we design; however, it is an art form that requires continuous monitoring and analysis of traffic patterns. We offer on-going SEO support as part of our SEM Program.

Understanding SEO

Google uses an extremely complex algorithm to determine how sites get ranked relative to each other for any given search term. That algorithm uses hundreds -- if not thousands -- of variables. If Google allowed web site owners to know the algorithm, results could be manipulated artificially, and Google would lose validity. As a result, search engines constantly keep us guessing. No web professional can promise you a top-10 result in Google in the natural search results; however, there are two significant variables that can affect SEO results: keyword density and site popularity.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is incredibly important for SEO results. We must carefully choose your keywords and use them frequently in your web text. As an editor, Robyn can write web copy that will directly target your market and accurately use keyword terms. Keeping in mind the importance of keyword density, we will design your web pages to have high-keyword ratios.

Additionally, we will include other technical aspects, such as ensuring the text is visible to search engines, encoding images with keyword-rich text, matching page titles, file names, and subject headings, etc.

Site Popularity

Search engines rank websites on their relevancy. In other words, websites that are frequently linked to and visited are considered the more important websites on the Internet. The most important websites will obviously appear higher in a search engine ranking. As part of our SEM Program, we create backlinks and other external links to your site to increase your site popularity.

Turning Traffic into Sales

So, after keeping all of these factors in mind, you may be on top of Google searches. You may get thousands of hits to your web site. Now what? How do we get people to buy your products and services? Getting them to your site is only part of the story!

In other words, would you rather have 10,000 hits of people who don't buy from you, or 5,000 hits by people who support your business?

It takes both -- traffic to get people to your site AND a visually appealing and organized site that will promote your business. We will help make your web site appeal to a wide audience. You will look professional and contemporary. If we cannot find the right graphics and images to convey your style, the RRWD team will create them. We can work together to engage your web visitors to want to learn more about your products and services. By giving potential clients information -- the right information -- we can increase your web popularity and grow your business. Visit our Gallery to see some of our work and read what our clients are saying about us.